Would you like to be the most demanded business in your local area at what you do?
Imagine how you will feel in 3 months when you have a consistent flow of new customers. More time spent doing the things that help the business grow rather than worrying about the next pay day. 

This is no miracle cure for a bad business, but a stategic injection into your five star business. An opportunity to be the best in your community. 
Introducing UKHC Special Offers!
Present your business to more  people consistently at an affordable price and in a new unique exclusive way.
Your Grand Promotion Plan!

Step 1

Eliminate Risk

We only want happy customers. That means delivering the results you need to achieve your goals and dreams. The online marketing map is difficult to navigate at the best of times. So many moving parts, so many decisions to make.

You probably don't know us yet so to eliminate your risk we provide a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. We go to work on your behalf for 30 days with the sole aim of making you happy to stay forever, always on a rolling 30-day basis.

Step 2

Working on your behalf

During the first 30 days after agreeing to proceed we deliver to you the most unique marketing opportunity. It consists of the following;
1. Your very own
Digital Dashboard
2. Image Ad Created for your Offer
3. Exclusive Spot reserved for the Digital Community Offer Directory
4. Inclusion in the
Local Ad Campaign
5. Premium Listing in the Local UKHC Directory  
6. Access to
Business Mapping Software
7. Website Review Streaming
and that's just to begin with...

Step 3

Stay or go!

If you are not head over heels in love with the service then you simply cancel. All we ask is that you tell us why so we continually improve.

Full, no questions asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee in the first 30 days.

All The Moving Parts Explained!
All the main pillars of the digital marketing stack - Listings, Reviews, Social, Website, and Advertising monitored from a single dashboard. Total transparency on how well you are competing in the digital space. Check your Google analytics, see how prospects are finding you, manage your reviews, compare against your competitors and ensure all your online assets are working in harmony. Knowing your numbers allows you to maximise your ROI.
The more people know that you exist the more business you are likely to attract. We are now well and truly in the digital age. Everyone is on their smartphone every day so that's where you need to be too. We design an ad that you could use all over the internet and it forms part of the local Digital Community Offer Directory. We've found that 3 type of ads work the best.
Reputation Ads
Offer Ads
Branding Ads
Your ideal prospects want to redeem coupons on their phone and not just the physical. You can now appeal to both old school and new school, improving the customer experience.

VISIBILITY & EXPOSURE: brand lift. Stay top of mind in the city
ADVERTISE SMARTER: list building, remarketing, 
TRACK YOU ROI: with specificity
EXCLUSIVITY: be the only ‘niche offer’ type in the local directory.
There is one social network that ALL marketers simply cannot ignore, which is Facebook. The days of organic reach are long gone but to reach a thousand people, Facebook advertising is far less expensive than all other channels (online and offline). The targeting capabilities of Facebook are exceptional.

We run Facebook ad campaigns promoting the local Digital Community Offer Directory. Minimum reach 5,000 of your ideal prospects. Our more advanced packages also include individual VIP campaigns.

You will be able to use the Ad we created in your own Facebook Page posts. You will also have a 'Spotlight' opportunity on the UKHC Facebook Page.
Every district has it's own Business Listings Directory, keeping it local. As an advertiser on the Digital Community Offer Directory you will also have an enhanced listing on the Business Directory. This also helps to boost your local presence.

As part of your enhanced listing we will add your Ad to the business listing thus providing further exposure opportunities.
Build your own processes so everyone within your business is crystal clear on how things are done.
Sales Processes
Customer Service Processes
Human Resource Processes
Financial Processes
Manufacturing Processes

As part of the Digital Community Offer Directory we'll provide you with a 'map' of everything we do for you for total transparency.

The software is an interesting way to make presentations as you can add notes, PowerPoints and videos directly into your 'maps'.
Your website is a 24hour storefront and you should treat it that way. You want more leads and prospects but struggling with deciding on what resources you need.

You need to automate and integrate.
Adding two-way text messaging to your site is the easiest method of converting website visitors and leads into sales.

Always Meet Your Customers Where They Are At, Not Where You Want Them To Be!

Your Customers Are Texting & You Should Too!
Automating replies
Webchat to text or call
Text messaging campaigns
Call recording
Text-enabling your business landline*
*USA only
UKHC Special Offers!
Supercharging your local visibility and reputation to build a brand that
attracts and converts more clients effortlessly."
UKHC Special offers payment plan
We Want You To Be Our Next Satisfied Client!